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COCA-COLA HERITAGE - 4 Rotating Scenes

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COCA-COLA POLAR BEARS - 4 Rotating Scenes

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COCA-COLA RETRO SIGNS - 4 Rotating Scenes

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Use Coca Cola, an American Institution, on Your Bank Checks

Few things are as American as Coca Cola. There's nothing quite like having a nice cold Coca Cola in the summertime heat, or watching the nostalgic Coca Cola Christmas commercials during the winter. Not only is it a great tasting drink, but it's a drink that has been passed down through several generations, inspiring sentimentality as it goes. Now, if you're a "coke" lover you can purchase personal bank checks with Coca Cola inspired images.

Coca Cola has been making a splash since 1885. Although it is now sold around the world in 200 different countries, it was invented in Georgia at a soda fountain. Coca Cola is even credited with inventing the modern day image of Santa Claus.

Since Coca Cola is known worldwide, everyone will be able recognize your checks when you hand them one. Best of all, people of all ages and gender can enjoy them since they are so classic. Men won't have to worry about them being too feminine and women won't have to pass them on by because they're to "manly." Coca Cola is for everyone!

There are many types of Coca Cola checks available for purchase. To begin with, there are "Nostalgic coke" checks. These check images would go right up there with Norman Rockwell as far as being Americana. Imagine sitting at a soda fountain the 1950's, a Coca Cola in your hand, listening to the jukebox playing Elvis in the background. Poodle skirts are optional.

Or, if it's not sentimentality that you're wanting for your Coca Cola checks, you might want to check out the Coca Cola Polar Bear series. These checks feature the famous Coca Cola bears playing, fishing, dragging a Christmas tree up the hill and generally having a good time while they drink their coke.

Matching address labels and a checkbook cover are available with these designs as well. This way, not only will your new Coca Cola checks be protected, but you can also enjoy the designs on something other than your checks, too.

In the past, ordering personal checks that weren't bland and boring could be expensive if you went to your local bank. Nowadays, this doesn't have to be true. You are now able to purchase your bank checks online and save as much as 50% off the price that you might have paid in the past at your bank.

The good thing about ordering your Coca Cola personal checks online, other than the money it saves you, is that you have access to an assortment of images so it's incredibly easy to find the design that you want. You are also able to compare prices this way, too.

Ordering your Coca Cola checks online is easy. All you need are your credit account number and your routing number. These will be printed directly onto the checks themselves.

Expect your Coca Cola checks to arrive in the mail to you in about 5 days. That's pretty much the same amount of time that it would have taken you to get your checks if you had ordered them from your bank.

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